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Introducing the new generation of telescopic crane - The MovieBird, incorporating the Millennium Crane Belt System.

Due to it’s lightweight features (700 kilograms with counterweights), transportation costs and restrictions are greatly reduced. Minimum manpower required – from arrival to operational in less than thirty minutes.

The Millennium Crane incorporates a fully implemented belt transmission system – there are no pulleys or cables in our telescopic units. The belt inter-reacts with the motor immediately, there is no take-up time as with traditional systems, making the crane faster and more stable.

As there are fewer moving parts, the MovieBird is almost maintenance free. The balanced arm will find it’s own front and end stops. These are electronic motion sensors, not optical sensors, that give an audible ‘click’ when the position is found.

As the MovieBird arm weighs only 100 kilograms, it is easily and efficiently rigged, however difficult the location.

Advantages to owners and productions are clear, MovieBird gives you a telescopic crane system that is faster, lighter and far more stable than any other available — the MovieBird.

The next generation of telescopic crane — the MovieBird — call now for your demonstration.

Millennium Crane Systems Tel: 0044 (0) 1932 562611

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